Particle sizes and particle shapes are of particular interest for granulates. Both - size and shape - can be optimally determined in our Retsch Camsizer. Especially the quality of the proppants developed in our laboratory is depending on roundness and sphericity of the particles. The previous method for determination size and shape using a microscope, counting and viewing individual grains and determine shape was inaccurate and also dependent on the user itself. Using the Retsch camsizer size and shape can be determined much faster, more accurate, but in particular also operator-independent and statistically hedged. In the picture our portable XRF analyzer for qualitative chemical analysis can be seen next to the camsizer.


As probably the only laboratory in Germany, we have an automated press with a corresponding pressing tool for the characterization of ceramic proppants. With the aid of the programmable press and the appropriate accessories (measuring cell, pluviator), automated measurements according to DIN EN ISO 13503-2 can be carried out independently of the user. In addition to the press, further equipment for the characterization of ceramic proppants such as for example a Retsch Camsizer, turbidity meter, devices for measuring bulk and apparent density, are available.

XRD Phaser

By using the Bruker D2 Phaser, the mineralogical phase composition can be determined by X-ray analysis both qualitatively and by Rietveld analysis also quantitatively. Raw materials and products can thus be optimally characterized in the context of a quality assurance process or material and process development or optimization process.


In addition to the Camsizer, sieve analysis devices, a camera microscope and a particle size analyzer for powdery substances up to a grain size of 1 micron are available for particle size analysis of raw materials and finished product. The combination of the existing equipment enables us to optimally characterize particles in a measuring range from 1 micron to several centimeters concerning size and shape.


In our laboratory, in addition to the mentioned analyzers also devices for density measurements, sieve analyzes, moisture content, turbidity are available. For certain requirements please contact us directly.