Depending on the desired properties of the materials, it may be necessary to prepare raw materials before testing.

Powder Preparation

Whether it is the optimal pre-drying, the optimization of the particle sizes or just the optimal mixing of the raw materials, we are prepared. Two jar mills, a chamber furnace, a laboratory fluidized-bed dryer as well as various mixers are available at the technical center for the preparation of the powder.


In order to be able to guarantee the highest possible degree of flexibility for the optimal test set-up, all equipment is mounted on a mobile structure. A forklift truck is available for transporting the equipment and storing even larger amounts of raw materials.

Lancaster Mixer

For complex mixing and granulation tasks, different mixer types offer the best possibbilities for optimization process. An optimization of the mixing and granulation parameters for scaling up into large process plants can be carried out in the computer-controlled Lancaster mixer. Process parameters optimized in preliminary tests are permanently programmed for a constant quality. The parameters thus developed and defined in the laboratory are adopted for process plants, so that only a fine adjustment of the process is necessary during upscaling process.

Eirich Mixer

In addition to the Lancaster mixer an Eirich laboratory mixer is available as well. Both mixers are suitable for both mixing and by using a pin tool for granulation tasks achieving outstanding results.