New Approach

Why not approaching new ways in material- and process development?

Whether you need basic feasibility studies with very small  sample quantities, complete process development or individual tests, we support you with our expertise and modern equipped laboratory.

Starting from the theoretical idea, via first feasibility studies, the determination of process relevant key data in jointly coordinated experiments to the finished process plant – we assist at any stage of the development process.

A necessary scale-up of the lab process can be implemented at any time with the help of our partner facilities.

Implement your ideas with minimal risk and budget. Contact us for the implementation of your visions.

“I just want to know this now…“

 You want to know quickly whether your idea works and are looking for a competent and flexible operating partner with appropriate equipment?

You want to check an idea and need fast results? You neither have the time nor the capacity and nerves to work on lengthly requests for government funding just to verify the basic feasibility of a new idea?

We are happy to assist


“I need a measurement just…“

Are you looking for an external, flexible solution for test measurements or quality assurance?

You only have to do a few measurements which do not justify the purchase of expensive Equipment?

We are happy to assist.


“I need a bit more…“

In addition to the services of material- and process development, we offer support in scaling up the process and further implementation in large production facilities.

Our experience in the construction and the operation of complex process systems as well as our extensive network to specialists of their craft and equipment manufacturers around the world offers best conditions for a successful implementation of your ideas.

In  cooperation with an australian Company high strength proppants could be produced out of flyash from coal fired powerplants for the very first time.  Starting from the idea, the complete material-and  process development as well as plant design, construction and commissioning  of the plant was successfully carried out under direction of Drend Solutions.